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God's plan for us is simple:

He created us to transform the world (Genesis 1:26).

He gifted, empowered, and instructed us to use our talents to make it a better place (Genesis 1:28).

'Doing God's will' involves us developing and utilizing our gifts and talents, to grow in influence IN the world and serve others with our success.

This is how the Kingdom of God comes in the Marketplace.

We bring it one success, one impact, one transformation at a time. 

In business a Rainmaker is 'someone with a unique ability to bring success; often in ways that are mystical or not readily apparent.' 

God has given every individual potential to be a rainmaker on some level, in some arena of our world.

Helping individuals discover their unique part in bringing transformation in the Marketplace is the purpose of The RAINMAKER Project.

To support this we created a transformative encounter called The Watershed Sessions.